After a few years of living in Singapore, I increasingly missed the greater variety of wine choice available in Europe - and let’s be honest, I was already fed up with the excessive prices of wine in the Red Dot. Knowing that my best friend Alexandre Equey was selling wine in Geneva, I decided that I would attempt to import wine myself to restock my cellar. Together with some other wine-loving friends, we ordered our first pallet in summer 2018, based on a selection prepared with help from Alexandre. Among these friends was Zhi Goh. The order was a success and our friends quickly started asking whether the next shipment was on the way. This led Zhi, Alexandre and I to start talking about doing it again and perhaps developing a website and an app to make it easier for our friends (and hopefully a larger group of friends in future) to order their wines.

WineCircle came to life a few months later, primarily motivated by my own empty cellar! Together with Zhi and Alexandre, we prepared a new list of great wines and developed the first version of the WineCircle website in spring 2019. Since then, we have been bringing fine wines to our friends and their friends, and we look forward to continuing to do so!

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